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Buckwerx Story

Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapters started in 2012 by Buck Thompson, he was always interested in mechanical design, and pinball machines.  Even as a kid, he loved to take things apart to see how they worked.  His family has collected pinball machines for as long as Buck could remember, and believes pinball is what peaked his interest in mechanics.  Buck spent time working the Boulder Colorado area as a pinball mechanic and has now since headed off to college to earn his engineering degree.

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The Idea

Back in 2012, Buck decided to make something fun, something great for pinball machines.  Buck met with Kim Mitchell to brain storm on the topic and came up with an idea for a pinball machine audio system.  After some research and prototype work, and of the course the help of family and additional resources the Buckwerx Pinball Audio Adapter was born.


After successfully building the adapters, a distribution channel was needed.  Buck met with Greg Mockenhaupt of Pinballpro.com and others to work out distribution specifics and began to sell the products world wide with Pinballpro.com as the primary distributor.  Now both companies are working together to bring seamless products to fellow pinball machine collectors.